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Introducing our newest product: Handmade Crystal-Infused Essential Oil Roll-On!


This magical blend is designed to help you manifest all of your desires, while increasing your intuition and personal power.


Each bottle is infused with high-quality crystals, carefully selected to amplify the energetic properties of the essential oil blend. Our special formula is made with pure essential oils and carrier oils, making it gentle and safe for daily use.


Not only does this blend enhance your spiritual practice and intuition, it can also be used to attract love and positive energy into your life. We personalize each oil to match your unique energy and intention, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your personal desires and goals.


Our roll-on bottle makes it easy to take this essential oil blend with you wherever you go, so you can keep your energy aligned and balanced throughout the day.


Use it during your daily spiritual practice, in meditation, or whenever you need an extra boost of positive energy.


Moon Over Medium Crystal-Infused Manifestation Oil Roll-On

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