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Introducing the Moon Manifest Ritual Box from Moon Over Medium, the ultimate tool for manifesting your deepest desires and bringing your dreams to life.


This box is specially designed to be used with the new moon, a time when the universe is ripe with possibility and potential.


Inside the Moon Manifest Ritual Box, you'll find everything you need to perform a powerful manifestation ritual. Our step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process, making it easy to tap into the energy of the new moon and harness its power for your own purposes.


Included in the box are a special notepad for writing down your intentions, incense and a smudge stick to cleanse your space, spiritual cards to help you focus your energy, a selection of powerful crystals, a selenite stick and crystal holder to amplify your intentions, a candle to set the mood, a beautiful spiritual tapestry, and a hand-selected piece of jewelry to serve as a reminder of your goals.


And to make your ritual even more special, you can choose between a Moon Over Medium Spiritual Soak or a Moon Over Medium Crystal-Infused Oil. Both are crafted with the highest quality ingredients and infused with the power of the moon to help you relax, release, and manifest your dreams.


You also get a Moon Over Medium Mini Reading with the purchase of this box.


Whether you're new to manifesting or a seasoned pro, the Moon Manifest Ritual Box is the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals and create the life you've always dreamed of.


Order yours today and start manifesting your deepest desires!


Moon Manifest Ritual Box and Reading

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