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Spiritual Readings for the Soul

Ask Spirit About

Relationships   /   Love  /   Spirituality  /   Health  /   Fertility  /   Money Career  /  Boundaries /  Healing / Shadow Work
Breaking Negative Patterns / Freedom from Toxic Situations

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I won't waste your time with some chat-gpt-inspired, spiritual BS about why and how booking a reading or a ritual with me will solve all of your problems.

It won't.

What I can tell you is that if you were led to my page, it's likely that Spirit wants us to connect so that I can help guide you in some way. 

As a psychic medium, tarot reader, astrologer, and spiritual teacher (and human design Projector,) I attract people who are looking to heal past wounds, overcome obstacles, or tap into their inner wisdom.

I can predict your future, I can also tap into your past.


If you feel lost, keep making the same mistakes over and over, or feel like you're missing something, I'm your girl (guide).


From homeless teen mother addicted to narcissistic relationships to award-winning author with multiple degrees and successful businesses, I know all about how to facilitate a glow-up story. 

We can connect over tarot, astrology, the Enneagram, Chakra work, crystals, moon rituals, past lives, Shadow Work, and much more.




I do one-time readings, weekly readings, and monthly offers, and I take on one-on-one clients as my schedule allows.


Not sure what to book?

Reach out to me in the contact box below, and I'd be happy to guide you to the right reading for you. 

You can also purchase my Soul Stitches Shadow Work Journal through the link below.


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"Wow! My reading was amazing and so spot on. It literally had me in tears."

- Kim 

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