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Breaking Negative Patterns / Freedom from Toxic Situations

Spiritual Care for the Soul

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My Story


I am a teacher, writer, and guide, who has helped thousands of seekers find answers, purpose, and peace. 


I uncovered my psychic gifts during a spiritual awakening brought on by a painful period of my life.


Like you, I was searching for answers and found that what I was doing wasn't working. So, I recreated my life.


Spirit connected me with a guide who showed me how prayer, meditation, tarot, shadow work, moon rituals, and other healing practices would allow me to heal my trauma and find meaning in what I was experiencing.


My ultimate purpose, during this lifetime, was also revealed. Since then, I have been committed to helping those who are drawn to me connect with God, heal core wounds, find their own purposes, and thrive despite pain, loss, and past trauma.

My Gifts

I am also an empath with many spiritual gifts including “Clair” gifts that allow me to know and feel things being communicated from the spiritual realm. I can connect with those who have passed over and relay those messages as well.



What I Can Do For You

Every day, I help clients move past toxic patterns, let go of painful connections, cultivate self-love, and undo negative thinking/programming. If Spirit allows, I can also help you connect with those who are on the other side. 

Tarot is simply a tool and I use it along with prayer, my intuition, and other means to pass along the messages that your soul needs to hear. 

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"Wow! My reading was amazing and so spot on. It literally had me in tears."

- Kim 

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